Accele BioPharma, Inc.

Accele Biopharma (“Accele”) and Accele Venture Partners, a related special purpose venture fund, were formed to create a capital-efficient mechanism to identify, finance and manage groundbreaking early stage life science technologies that have the potential to dramatically improve human healthcare, have strong commercial promise and have the potential for generating early proof of concept data.

Accele Venture Partners, L.P.

AVP is a limited partnership formed to invest, together with established institutional life science investors, in the initial funding of life science companies selected and managed by Accele BioPharma, Inc. (“Accele”). Accele intends to evaluate technologies from a variety of sources including referrals from its investor group, established institutional life science investors, and technologies originating at academic medical research centers both in Oklahoma and across the nation.

Core Resources

Accele Biopharma Inc. has access to scientific expertise and core facilities critical to advancement of life science technology from laboratory to clinical proof of concept though our founding partners, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), Presbyterian Health Foundation (PHF) and i2E, Inc.

Our Portfolio Companies

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