Otologic Pharmaceutics

Otologic Pharmaceutics


Otologic Pharmaceutics, Inc. (“OPI”) was formed in 2009 to develop and commercialize treatments for Acute Hearing Loss. The lead-technologies, which will enter clinical testing in 2014, were in-licensed from the Hough Ear Institute, (“HEI”), OMRF and the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) via sublicense from American BioHealth Group, (“ABG”). Early development of a drug-product has been supported by the military and focused on combat acute noise-induced hearing loss (ANIHL) after noise exposure. More recently, the Company has begun to explore the use of this drug-product in cancer patients that have been administered cisplatin, a widely used chemotherapeutic known to have damaging hearing effects in a majority of treated patients. ANIHL affects all people and age groups but occupations most at risk include firefighters, police, warfighters, and factory, manufacturing, construction, mining and energy workers. Cisplatin induced hearing loss (CIHL) occurs in approximately 75% of 691,000 new cancer patients that receive an average of 4 cycles of the drug.

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